one and only member of ten ten:
shamisen, voice, taiko, percussions and so on 

Aki Takahashi is a Japanese shamisen player and folk singer who studied MIN'YO: traditional folk music in Kyoto. As a soloist she has been invited to give shamisen and vocal performances and workshops across Canada and the US. In addition to her solo activities, Aki is the founder of the Japanese folk ensemble ten ten, which has released two CDs of original music and has performed with numerous artists from a variety of other cultural backgrounds and traditions. Aki is also a member of Nagata Shachu  and is the ensemble’s associate artistic director.

She also teaches Min'yo Shamisen online at the Bachido, the International Shamisen Community.

support member of ten ten:
shinobue, xiao, voice, taiko and percussions

support member of ten ten:
taiko and percussions, shakuhachi, voice