at a pinch

very useful little things: clothes-pins

there were many other ways to use than just hanging clothes

examples (common use cases);

to clip papers

to use as a book mark

to seal a bag of chips

to attach a note to the document 

to hold up a memo

here are some suggestions which you can follow;

to hang a curtain

to bind old bills into a bundle

to mark a bill which you haven't paid

to fix creased fabric into a position when you sew

to tuck up a skirt

to decorate a room

to hold a necktie (it's called tie clip)

to create your own clipart (no puns intended)

to put up Christmas decorations (clips could be a part of decorations)

to wear as a pair of earrings (the pain would be severe)

in any case, it's very useful when it comes to the pinch...

ten ten

ten ten is an evolving art experiment with its roots in the Japanese folk tradition