a bold and bright orange winter fruit...

i grew up watching a persimmon tree in the back yard

"persimmon orange"

that's how i describe the colour of the warmth of sunlight coming through a window warming up a patch on the carpet

my favourite colour of all

but people get confused

the colour orange was named after the fruit called "orange"

well, i should say,

"the colour of persimmon" 

but many north american know about persimmons anyway

maybe they do, but they can't visualize the look of persimmon fruits exactly 

there are many variations of orange

carrot is orange 

pumpkin is orange

papaya is orange 

apricot is orange

the orange of persimmon is somewhere between...

red and yellow 

september and november

3 and 5pm

10 to 20 C degrees

sweet and astringent

maturity and decay


i have good reason to think so

ten ten

ten ten is an evolving art experiment with its roots in the Japanese folk tradition